25 December, 2022



Nangs originated from the term individuals used to describe the effects of nitrous oxide. It was inspired by the jitter sound a user may hear when using the drug in rapid repetition, which led to Nitrous Oxide cream chargers also adopting the slang itself. Therefore, any product related to Nitrous Oxide is also termed as Nangs delivery or called by terms i.e; Nang siphons, Nang whippers, etc. Tiny Metal Cylinders that contain NOS inside them are known as Nangs. Although many people use them as recreational drugs, they are mainly employed in kitchens to whip cream. They are designed to be used with a nang siphon, which has a spout and a trigger and resembles a large water bottle.

Over 50 years ago, Australia introduced the distinctive snack item known as Nangs. They have a range of flavors and are produced with whipped cream. Nangs are well-liked because they are tasty and adaptable. They are also simple to use and quite low in calories. Although eating Nangs carries some health concerns, they can be reduced by selecting pasteurized brands and limiting consumption i.e; purchasing from Nangstuff. Nangstuff has been the leading platform for providing only quality nangs delivery in Melbourne to its customers through its 24/7 Nitro Nang delivery service.


Now people in Melbourne think that they invented the concept of Nangs and that it culminated in their premises only. They are wrong because the “Laughing Gas Parties” that the British aristocracies staged and organized in 1799 are where it all began. In the 1860s, the equipment required to create the gas was scarce, and its medical applications were also limited. The group with the most recreational gas use experience was made up of medical students.

William James, an American psychologist, and philosopher who lived in the 19th century, and his contemporaries were also rumored to have dabbled in N2O. He explicitly asserted that while high on the gas, he had witnessed the fusion of opposites into one and the revelation of the ultimate truth. He asserted to have seen a man under the influence of nitrous oxide, but he also remarked that the patient was incoherent, and that memory loss would become apparent as soon as the mask was taken off.

Nangs In Australia

Then, the ideology behind Nangs gained popularity in Australia in the 1970s and the first Nang was produced by the National Aerated Water Company, currently known as NADWACO. This business, which had its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, was in charge of producing a number of well-known goods, such as soda water and soft drinks. The Nang was originally developed to flavor their soda water, but it quickly gained popularity with the general population. After that, Nangs are loved by people of all ages and have become a common family staple. Moreover, you can use Nangs whipped cream to garnish sweet or savory foods because of its silky texture and delectable flavor. With added volume to the whipped cream, you can style the cream the way you want to make your desserts even more appealing to the eyes of the eater.


There are numerous applications for Nangs and the most well-liked of the applications for them is as a dessert topping. Milkshakes, smoothies, and other creamy drinks can also be made with Nangs. Nangs have experienced some alterations since they first appeared. The most obvious change is the addition of new flavors. Nangs were first exclusively offered in vanilla flavor. Today, though, they come in a variety of flavors, such as pistachio, strawberry and chocolate. The way Nangs are packaged is another modification. They were initially offered for sale in little aerosol cans. Today, they are additionally offered in sizable tubs that can be resealed to maintain freshness. Though they range back to being a very old mechanism for storing Nitrous Oxide gas, now they have more of a utilitarian approach towards Nang delivery in Melbourne.