03 March, 2023


Why Use Nangs Anyway?

Perhaps none of the slang names for nitrous oxide or the more well-known laughing gas have ever crossed your lips. The nang canister, a standard in restaurants, create a puffy cloud of whipped cream by combining a burst of nitrous oxide from a cartridge with heavy cream. You should get a nang canister near me to help you get it so that it can assist you in the kitchen.

Are Whipped Cream and Nang Canister the Same?

Most people often confuse whipped cream with nang canister. Moreover, people think that it is ready-made whipped cream that is readily available at nang canisters near my stores. Nang canisters are not the same as the canned, ready-to-serve whipped cream that is offered in supermarkets. Whipped cream is a food product whereas this tool is used to propel nitrous oxide into the heavy cream. To clarify, whipped cream is made when this tool efficiently infuses volume into heavy cream to make it fluffier and give it the froth. What it actually does is that it slides in the whipping agent, that is nitrous oxide gas (food-grade) to make the volume of the heavy cream x2. This not only gives a delicate flavor to the cream, but it expands its amount too. While both of them are distinct, they interlinked and are not supposed to be read as the same.

How Do I Use a Nang Canister?

Now that you have got yourself this equipment, the time is night to learn how to use it to make your very own whipped cream. If you acknowledge this process to the fullest, you can even make your own drinks or infuse flavors in them. Here is how to use it:

Pressure Regulator

Get yourself a pressure regulator and check if the pressure inside the 8g nang siphon and the canister is the same or not. This should act as a preliminary requisite to utilize this tool efficiently.

Get Your Heavy Cream Mixture Ready

The next step is to complete the preparation of your heavy cream. Then, pour your mixture into the dispenser after removing the nang’s tip. You could also finish it before leaving to chill off.

Arrange the Nang Canister

You must get ready for your container and make sure you do not forget any necessary components. Additionally, be careful to clean your canister before use. You do not want solid particles to ruin your fantastic outcome. Doing this will also ensure that the valve through which the gas propels into the cream, is not blocked. Also, inspect the internal rubber seal by winding back the siphon head. This will prevent the apprehension of leakage of the gas and make sure the process is successfully done.

Let the Nang Flow!

Open the pressure control valve gradually while setting the nangs canister. To reach this number, you must close the valve after raising the regulator gauge to 20 bar. Yes, the regulator does more than the checkup of pressure inside the nang. After completing this process, the filling hose can be opened to allow the nitrous oxide to pass through. We advise letting the N2O run for a while until you hear the “pop” sound inside the container. The tumult of the sound will attenuate soon as the pressure starts to settle.

Shape it the Way You Want

Now that the nitrous oxide gas is in the container, shake it gently. By doing so, the gas will be able to efficiently bind to the cream’s fat molecules. Flip the nang canister on its side and shape the whipped cream on the dessert the way you want it to be. Without the nozzle, you can create exotic drinks that can tantalize your taste buds at an event or a party. No wonder you will impress your relatives by instantly amazing them with food that is both appealing to the eye and the tongue.

Nang Canister Near Me

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