Whipped Cream Chargers – Why Should You Use Them?

13 August, 2022

Whipped Cream Chargers

Whipped Cream Chargers

Whipped Cream Chargers earned their recognition after the 20th century. Presently, the product is popular in demand and serves various purposes. To clarify, the usage of the Cream Charger is prevalent in the drink and food service industries. Moreover, the product has paved the way for households and culinary across Melbourne.

The Cream Charger has a cylindrical shape filled with Nitrous Oxide gas. It contains a narrow end that releases the gas. The conventional way to do it is with a pointed pin. Normally, the Cream Chargers contain 580g of Nitrous Oxide, but there are ones with 615g of Nitrous Oxide too. The Whipped Cream Chargers are known by names, i.e., Nangs, NOS, Whippets, etc. Therefore, it is a very conducive medium for Nitrous Oxide.

Whipped Cream Charger As A Kitchen Tool

The Cream Chargers are a whipping agent. To clarify, a Whipped Cream Dispenser or a Whipped Cream Bottle contains these chargers. Above all, it is the most familiar way to create the finest whipped Cream. The Cream Chargers are most suitable for beverages like hot drinks and food that are sweet in their consistency. Besides the previous, the Cream Chargers also serve an efficient purpose in making foams for certain cocktails. In addition, the Cream Chargers are good for infusing beverages dense in alcohol, and they can do the same with oils. All in all, the Whipped Cream Chargers are great for being an excellent kitchen tool.

Advantages Of Having A Whipped Cream Charger

The Whipped Cream Charger has proved to be immensely useful in expected value. Certainly, there are several advantages of using Cream Chargers, and some of them are listed below:

Used In Making Of Whipped Cream

It is crucial to know how to make whipped Cream to have a better insight into the usage of Cream Chargers:

  1. Place ingredients like vanilla, powdered sugar, and whipping Cream in a cup with proper measuring.
  2. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until it gives a thick texture.
  3. Pour the Cream into the Whipped Cream Dispenser, closing the lid.
  4. Place the Whipped Cream Charger inside the Nitrous Oxide Canister and close the dispenser.

Lastly, lay the Whipped Cream Charger on its side for 60 seconds. Most importantly, this distributes the Nitrous Oxide evenly in the Cream and makes it whipped. Then, shake the whipped Cream evenly to give it more volume, and it is ready to use afterward.

Contains Nitrous Oxide – A Convenient Gas For Kitchen Use

Nitrous Oxide has many specialties attached to it:

  1. It is better than Oxygen and effective too. That is to say, Oxygen promotes the growth of bacteria in food, whereas Nitrous Oxide does not.
  2. The volume created in the whipped Cream by Nitrous Oxide is 4 times that of contrast Oxygen.
  3. The pressure created using Nitrous Oxide shapes the whipped Cream as per the desire onto the food or beverage.
  4. Nitrous Oxide keeps the whipped Cream cool enough not to get it rotten for a week.

In addition, the 615g Whipped Cream Charger has airtight pressure inside it more than the 580gone. That is to say, the settings are for commercial use and can make the Cream last for many more days.

Shapes Up The Dressings On Food Products

The Whipped Cream Chargers help aerate the whipped Cream’s shapes on food. As mentioned before, it lets you add more volume to the Cream and create the desired shape. To clarify, the added pressure gives more bulk to the Cream and attaches more flavor to it. Above all, it favors the chefs to make the food more presentable in restaurants and ultimately enhance their ratings.


In the same vein, how long whipped Cream lasts decides how much money is spent by the consumer. Nitrous Oxide inside the Whipped Cream Chargers makes the whipped Cream last for a longer period. On the contrary, the traditional cartridges of whipped Cream are ineffective. With Nitrous Oxide added to the Cream, it lasts longer, whereas the one made traditionally does not. Consequently, it results in spending more money and gets expensive with time. On the other hand, Nangs are cost-efficient and less costly when preserving whipped Cream.

Less Wastage

As discussed, the traditional cartridges do not last long. Moreover, they have to be thrown out often and replaced. That creates a lot of waste material up front, leading to pollution. Comparatively, the Cream Chargers have the capacity equivalent to more than 70 cartridges, which means more usage and less trouble with replacement often. Also, the Whipped Cream Chargers can be disposed of and recycled effectively. Hence, it leads to less wastage.

Where To Buy Nangs In Melbourne?

There are various manufacturers of Nangs from which you can get them at retail prices. However, it is advised to purchase them from reputed brands. Certainly, this lessens the chances of any risks and increases the chances of safety. Also, these brands have experts that make sure that the product delivered to the consumers has excellent build quality. Essentially, 615g Nitrous Oxide Cream Chargers are great for commercial and household usage. Cream Chargers Melbourne is easily available, and one can buy them online anytime.

Most importantly, if one intends to buy them in bulk, one can get them at a reduced price. Also, this will come with free delivery to the required address. However, there are many retailers for Cream Chargers in Melbourne. There are only a few trusted providers for Nangs. Online providers of Cream Chargers in Melbourne like Fast Gas are customer friendly. Above all, they have exchange and refund policies that help reduce the probability of fraud.


To sum it up, the Whipped Cream Cracker is beneficial for everyday use, whether commercial or household. It comes with certain benefits attached, including health benefits and monetary advantages. Therefore, the Cream Chargers are very useful and right for the comfort of its users.