Nangs In Melbourne By Kitchen Supply & Party Products Stores

21 November, 2022


Nang Is A Slang

Nangs have been around to be used as a kitchen product and can be seen at parties nowadays as well. To clarify, a similar name given to Nitrous Oxide gas is called “Nang.” As Nitrous Oxide is a very sophisticated word to be pronounced, people prefer to keep it as Nang in slang. Usually, Nang is used as a propellant or whipping agent for whipping heavy cream. Nangs by kitchen supply and party products can easily be found in Australia as the usage grew in Australia. Nangs also goes by the name of laughing gas, referring to Nitrous Oxide gas and its properties as a substance. Whatever the name, people tend to use Nangs in their kitchen to make whipped cream or party products like balloons.

On the contrary, Nangs are abused by the erroneous part of the population of Melbourne, who has not even concentrated on the calling where such gas is utilized appropriately. When somebody breathes in an excessive amount of nitrous oxide, it is likewise perceived to be habit-forming. The gas makes the patient’s head adequately lighter to keep them oblivious, keeping them from feeling distressed during the activity. In this way, the people attached to nitrous oxide are also alluded to as Nangs in Melbourne. However, the ideology is now in safe hands and is being dealt with by experts, including home cooks. Thus, Nangs are protected. The Nitrous Oxide in the Nangs utilized in whipped cream chargers is adequate to whip a person’s food. Because of their positive standing, Nangs are currently used in Melbourne to allude to whipped cream chargers and party products.

Nangs by Kitchen Supply Party Products Stores in Melbourne

 Nang As A Product In The Kitchen 

Though the government banned the usage of Nang back in 2016 under the umbrella of the Psychoactive Substance Act, now Nangs are controlled and are safe to be used in kitchens and for parties. Nangstuff ensures that only the delicious and delicate cream, which is safe to consume, is made for you. Moreover, Nangs will ensure that the tedious process of making whipped cream conventionally is completed in minutes. Nangstuff brings a wide variety of Nangs that can be used in the kitchen to make your food presentable. Only the top-rated brands who have contested and stood out for years for the manufacturing of their Nang products are sold out by Nangstuff. Here is how you can grab Nangs as wands and do some sorcery in the kitchen!

Whipped Cream Charger

Whipped Cream Charger is a compact metal canister that comprises just the right amount of Nang gas. That is to say, the charger is filled up with Nitrous Oxide gas and sealed at its ending. Approximately 8g of Nitrous Oxide gas is filled inside a Whipped Cream Charger, as opposed to commercial use. Where the Nitrous Oxide gas is served in large tanks which contain 580-600g of this gas, you must put the Whipped Cream Charger into use with a Whipped Cream Dispenser. Nangstuff offers a range of recognized Whipped Cream Chargers such as SSES, AussieWhip, iSi, MOSA, and more. It also allows its customers to buy their Whipped Cream Chargers wholesale as per their (customers’) request.

Nang Cracker

The Whipped Cream Charger cannot be cracked open or unsealed with bare hands. It uses a unique tool for it to be opened. A Nang Cracker is a medium used to break a Nang open to release the Nitrous Oxide gas inside the Whipped Cream Dispenser.

Whipped Cream Dispenser

The Whipped Cream Dispenser and the Whipped Cream Charger are closely related. In other words, a Whipped Cream Dispenser is needed to utilize a Whipped Cream Charger. The Whipped Cream Dispenser is also known as a “Whipped Cream Siphon” or a “Cream Whipper .”To be precise, the Whipped Cream Dispenser is a handheld device with a canister holder on one side. On the other side, it has an opening or a nozzle. Nangstuff provides a premium quality and affordable Whipped Cream Dispenser made of stainless steel. Moreover, the quality feels good, and also durability is guaranteed.

All of those mentioned above are utilized in the process of making whipped cream. Also, these can be used for topping beverages and other foods, i.e., cupcakes, moose, etc. This adds a savory touch to what you eat and carves it out in the desired shape. 

Product For Parties


The recreational usage of Nangs has brought innovation before the people of Melbourne by coupling Nangs with party products. Nangstuff provides these balloons at a very affordable rate. If you head to their website, you will find out they are one of the few instant Nang delivery providers in Melbourne that offer Nangs to be used as a whipping agent for whipped cream or as party serving. In addition, they provide Chrome Balloons that are there to add exotic colors to your parties and even decorate the party premises to give them the festive touch that it requires. The combination of Nangs and Chrome Balloons can add an ecstatic feeling to the party that is needed. 

The Nangstuff Chrome Balloons have a glossy finish that gives a glow to the room each time party lights strike the balloon and reflect. The colors that Chrome Balloons are available on the Nangstuff website are Green, Pink, Red, Yellow, and Blue. Above all, Nangstuff even provides its customers with the choice of if they want to buy a set of Chrome Balloons or just a few, can even a single one. In addition, the company also provides its customers with a choice to buy the balloons in the same colors or customize a custom arrangement of the colors, as mentioned earlier, best fitted for different occasions.