How To Make Whipped Cream

19 September, 2022


Conventional Way; A Time-Consuming Process

Whipped Cream is a crucial element when we talk about preparations for food or culinary needs. There is nothing equal to a tantalizing dessert with Whipped Cream on top after a balanced meal. Whipped Cream always adds a burst of flavor to your desserts, otherwise, they taste compromised. The sky’s the limit, Whipped Cream can be used anywhere whether it is in a kitchen, eatery, cafe, bakery, or other, you name it. However, the conventional way of making Whipped Cream can be quite a complex procedure and time-taking too. There is no guarantee that even with the use of this way, the results will be promising and as desired. Days are gone when you had to worry much about making Whipped Cream and thinking that it is something only the experts are good at.

how to make whipped cream

Presently, the making of Whipped Cream is surprisingly an easy task to undertake. Even if you are a beginner at making Whipped Cream, you can flawlessly do it at home now. Indeed, we are involving the Whipped Cream Charger to help us in the whole process of making Whipped Cream. The Whipped Cream Charger has brought innovation to how people view cooking and presenting the food they make. Not only the Whipped Cream Charger makes the Whipped Cream fresher but adds more volume and bulk to it as well. In a matter of seconds, it makes you an expert chef or barista while you are in your kitchen. Before we dive into the procedure of making Whipped Cream, it is necessary to know what a Whipped Cream Charger is.

Whipped Cream Charger

A Whipped Cream Charger or Nang is a chamber made up of steel that is filled with Nitrous Oxide gas. This gas is food-grade and is in its purest form which acts as a whipping agent for whipping the cream. The end of the Cream Charger is tapered with a seal that is thin. To clarify, the whipping agent is contained inside the Cream Charger and is released when the thin seal on the charger is broken. The kitchen apparatus where whipped cream chargers are presented is called Whipping Siphon or a Whipping Dispenser and the gas delivered in a siphon responds with whipping cream to frame whipped cream into the best shape.

Utilizing Whipped Cream Charger To Make Whipped Cream

We now know that Whipped Cream Charger is a new technology that saves human effort and makes Whipped Cream instantly. The base elements required for the making of Whipped Cream are the Whipped Cream Charger and the Whipping Siphon. Assuming that you have now purchased a good Cream Charger and Siphon from Nangstuff, you can now follow these simple steps to make the perfect whipped cream:

  1. Remove the lid of the Siphon and fill it to around half of its size with cream.
  2. Add a flavoring agent and powdered sugar. The flavoring agent will add sweet flavors and give the desired taste to the cream i.e; Chocolate, Strawberry, etc.
  3. Put the lid of the Siphon back in place.
  4. Give the Whipped Cream Charger a thorough shake.
  5. Use a pointy head or a hose to punch a hole inside the thin seal to release the Nitrous Oxide contained inside the Cream Charger. You hear a fizzing sound once a hole is punched and now the gas is released inside the charger.
  6. Give the Whipping Siphon a shake and turn it upside down a few times. This will help to freshen the Whipped Cream and allow it to flow.

Your Cream is now ready to be presented with the dessert that you have been wanting to serve. You must be wondering where you can buy a Nang near you. Worry less! Because Nangstuff has got you all covered by providing the best Nangs online.

Desserts You Can Make With Whipped Cream Produced Through A Cream Charger

There are many scrumptious dishes that you can make by experimenting. However, time is money, and here are three quick and easy desserts you can make by utilizing the Cream Charger:


Another basic, however tasty pastry is the tiramisu. To surprise your loved ones and serve something rich and refined, then a tiramisu is the best approach. Many individuals think making the ideal tiramisu is best passed on to specialists. Similar to a mousse, everything revolves around the surface, and with a cream charger, you can swindle your direction flawlessly.

Chocolate Mousses

A mousse is one of the simplest treats since it requires scarcely any fixings. In any case, everything revolves around getting the surface perfectly because it is the trickiest piece of making a mousse. But, with Whipped Cream Chargers, you can easily produce this extremely delightful dessert.

Berry Paradise

There is nothing that beats a tasty berries trifle. Adding new natural products to your desserts makes them delicious to take a gander at. Now, you can feel less remorseful about consuming all that sugar. The Berry Paradise contains cake, natural products.

Measures To Take When Using Cream Chargers

All of the Nangs at Nangstuff conform with the safety and regulatory guidelines of Australia and are designed in a way to grant you the fullest safety. However, it is always recommended to follow some tips and caution while using chargers. Here are some of the tips:

  1. The Cream Chargers must only be used for making food or preparing it.
  2. Nangstuff offers 24/7 Nang delivery only to those products that have instructions written by the manufacturer on the back. Therefore, be sure to read those instructions before making Whipped Cream.
  3. Only a suitable amount of Nitrous Oxide as guided by the manufacturer or safety guidelines should be released, otherwise, it can lead to an explosion.
  4. Filled Chargers should not be disposed of off because they can easily cause injuries.
  5. The Whipped Cream Chargers should be kept out of the reach of children who have not yet attained the age of majority.

Where To Buy Cream Chargers?

There are many competitors in the marketplace, but Nangstuff is a leading and trusted Whipp Cream Charger provider in Melbourne and Sydney. Most importantly, they deliver Nangs with their round-the-clock 24/7 Nitro Boost delivery and supply the well-known Whipped Cream Chargers in Australia. These comprise Nangs like MOSA Cream Chargers, SSES Cream Chargers, AussieWhip Cream Chargers, and many more. You can make your everyday efforts easier by heading to the Nangstuff website and purchasing the top-quality Nangs near you.