How To Make Whipped Cream By Chargers: The Ultimate Recipe

13 August, 2022

Procedure to make whipped cream by chargers


Nitrous oxide (N2O) gas is used as a whipping agent in a whipped cream siphon or cream dispenser. Nitrous oxide is contained in whipped cream chargers and steel cream cartridges. Nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers have a foil covering on the tapered side that is perforated to release the N2O gas. The whipped cream siphon typically has a structure that resembles a sharp pin employed for this. Chargers emit nitrous oxide into a siphon, which in turn aids in producing products like whipped cream. Follow our blog to learn how to make whipped cream using a cream charger!

Before digging into the procedure, it is crucial to know what whipped cream is.

What Is Whipped Cream?

Using a mixer or whisk, whipping cream is converted into whipped cream, a form of cream. Whipping cream produces an airy, fluffy texture. A dissolved gas or whipped cream gas that has formed a colloid can also be continued to expand to achieve this. 

Whipped cream can be prepared instantly using a whipping siphon and a whipped cream charger. A gas, often nitrous oxide (N2O), dissolves in butterfat under pressure. The whipped cream gas escapes the solution—pressure releases while generating bubbles.

Some flavors for whipped cream include chocolate, strawberry, sugar, coffee, orange, and more. Freshly cut fruits and sweets, ice cream, cakes, shakes, waffles, hot chocolate, pancakes, and puddings all enjoy it as a preferable topping. Additionally, it can be used as a filling in layered cakes and served over coffee. It is discharged through a conical or cylindrical bag, often in a bakery, to form various shapes for ornamental purposes.

Procedure to make whipped cream by chargers

Whipped Cream Chargers

Nitrous oxide gas is stored in tiny, single-use cartridges called “whipped cream chargers.” To clarify, a Whipped Cream Dispenser or a Whipped Cream Bottle contains these chargers. The gas is released when the cartridge is punctured, enabling the user to whip cream and other foods. 

Chargers are frequently used in cafés and restaurants to generate fresh whipped cream rapidly and conveniently. But you may also utilize them at home with a whipping cream dispenser. Chargers for whipped cream are often available in different sizes, and the composition is of stainless steel or aluminum. 

Eight grams charges are the most popular of all sizes. It’s essential to safely follow the manufacturer’s directions while using a whipped cream charger to prevent mishaps.

Melbourne’s most widely used whipped cream charger brands are SSES, Aussiewhip, Supremewhip, Skywhip, and Mosa. You can easily avail yourself of all of them at However, there are many other well-known names on the market. Today, it’s simple to locate the most popular ExoticWhip 580g whip cream bottles, which are equal to 85 8gm cream chargers, on our website in 50 pieces, 100 pieces, and 150, 200, 250, 400, and 600 pieces packaging and bulk with the most affordable prices with the best quality.

How To Make Whipped Cream By Using Whipped Cream Chargers?

In most culinary dishes, whipped cream is a crucial ingredient. It has uses in cafes, restaurants, bakeries, home kitchens, and others. Making whipped cream, especially if you try to do it traditionally, may be time-consuming and tricky, and there is no assurance that you will always get the best results. 

Today, whipping cream is a simple task that even a beginner may perform to absolute precision. Yes, we are referring to the incredibly inventive whipped cream cracker that not just instantly provides you with fresh, airy, and fluffy whipped cream but also elevates you to the status of a master barista or chef.

Prepare Whipped Cream In Five Minutes With N2O Cream Chargers

Whether you use Skywhip cream chargers, 600 Liss cream chargers, or any other well-known brand charger, the fundamental operating principle of whipped cream bottle N2O chargers and siphons (also known as dispensers) is the same. The quick and easy steps listed below will help you whip up the ideal cream at home: 

  1. Remove the dispenser’s head, then fill it halfway with heavy whipping cream. 
  2. Add a flavoring ingredient and powdered sugar (vanilla, strawberry etc.) 
  3. Shake the liquids in the dispenser after replacing the head.
  4. Place the Whipped Cream Charger inside the Nitrous Oxide Canister and close the dispenser.
  5. When you hear a fizzy sound, insert the hose into the cream dispenser head, inject 8 gm of N2O gas into it, then attach the other side to the ExoticWhip 580g cylinder. The gas has now been released into the dispenser, as indicated by this. 
  6. Holding the dispenser upside down, shake the handle. Within seconds, the whipped cream will begin to flow.

How To Make Whipped Cream With Milk?

Now you can also make whipped cream with milk at home in three easy steps:

Add gelatin first:

First, bloom three teaspoons of gelatin in 4 ounces of milk for approximately three cups of whole milk whipped cream. Gelatin thickens the milk and aids in maintaining its volume after it has been beaten. Microwave the gelatin once it has bloomed for five-second periods till just liquified.

Add some more milk and refrigerate:

Blend the gelatin mixture with 12 ounces of cold milk in the bowl you’ll use to whip the cream, stir to combine and chill for an hour. (Chilled milk is more likely to froth and not curdle, just like cold cream.) 


After the mixture has completely cold, add sugar to taste. Then start whipping: Beat the stabilized milk until it becomes thick and forms peaks using a stand mixer, hand mixer, or even by hand with a whisk.

whipped cream charger

How To Safely Use Whipped Cream Chargers And N2O Cream Dispensers?

Whether you use Exotic Whip 640g cream chargers or cream chargers from other brands, such as Skywhip, ISI, or Mosa, it is essential to follow safety precautions to prevent any potential harm to the equipment or hazard. Although these high-quality whipped cream chargers are produced to guarantee optimum safety and comply with Melbourne regulatory standards, it is always a good idea to exercise caution and observe usage instructions:

– The cream chargers must be used for only food preparation chores.

– Make sure you read the manufacturer-supplied instruction manual before using any whipped cream charger or other similar equipment. 

– Pay close attention to the directions for using a whipped cream charger to charge the cream safely. 

– A 250 ml or 500 ml siphon should only release one charger or eight grams of N2O gas, and a 1L dispenser should only release two chargers or sixteen grams. An explosion can result from using more than is advised. 

– High-pressure N20 gas is utilized in these chargers. Without the proper tools, attempting to break the seal on these chargers can lead to injury and freeze burns.

– Never throw out loaded chargers since they could hurt other people. 

– Keep them out of children’s reach; only adults over 18 may use them. 

– It’s not permitted to bring pressurized gas cylinders or cartridges on an airplane. (The laws governing aviation forbid it.)

How Long Does Whip Cream Last?

Whipped cream has a shelf life of two to three months. Because there are many different methods for making or buying whipped cream, this range is broad. Many elements, including the type of cream, the technique, the packing and date of packaging, the cream’s exposure to heat, and how the cream is stored, can affect the shelf life of whipped cream.

A whipped cream dispenser and charger is the best tool for making freshly whipped cream, soft and smooth mixtures, fluffy foams, and salad dressings. Once you understand how to utilize them properly, you can start using your creativity to create new toppings for your favorite dishes.

whipped cream charger

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